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Congratulations to Noreen F. for winning our 2015 Better Hearing Month Contest! Every year we ask how our hearing aids have helped impact your life. Here is part of what Noreen had to say:

“Sound is a beautiful thing. You don’t know how much you compensate when your hearing is off. I no longer need to do that. I am faithful to my checkups to ensure that everything is as it should be. Dr. Gordon is knowledgeable and understanding. Her staff is pleasant and also very knowledgeable, anything I need, batteries, cleaner, etc. is right there. I have no issues whatsoever with my devices. I am comfortable at the movies, in restaurants, and in rooms full of people.”

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Welcome, We are an AudigyCertified Practice
AudigyCertified practices adhere to a strict set of AGX certified patient care standards that deliver unsurpassed patient satisfaction. Only the top providers in the U.S. hold this distinction. No other provider in the area holds this award.

Our AGX Protection Plan

  • 75 day trial period and retraining program on all new hearing aid purchases
  • 3-year warranty, 3 year loss & damage insurance on AGX 5, 7, 9 models
  • Free batteries for life with purchase of AGX5, 7, or 9 Hearing Aids
  • Complimentary Quarterly Cleanings and Checkups for your hearing system

Our Core Values: The Five Xs
We are: Experienced Professionals who give Expert Advice. We prescribe Extraordinary Technology. Our entire staff is dedicated to delivering Excellent Service. All this results in Exceptional Value.

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Dear Professional Hearing Center,
I have been severely hearing impaired all my life. I struggled immensely as a small child due to the hearing aids that were available at that time. As I am sure you are aware, they were the large ones that wrapped around the entire ear. I grew up being bullied and teased thus causing me to remove them as often as I could, without my mother noticing. Due to the constant teasing, I completely removed them and never wore them again, once I became a teenager. I decided it was easier to not hear than to not fit in.

I spent 30 years constantly struggling to hear. My quality of life was lacking due to the emotional scars I carried. I found myself asking people to repeat themselves, or not getting the joke everyone else laughed at simply because I could not hear it. My daughter’s voice was the loudest in the class because she assumed all Dad’s needed their daughters to speak up. When she was a toddler just learning to speak she would look up at me and say “telephone”, to let me know the phone was ringing.

One night while driving home I came upon a police check point. The officer asked me how I was doing and where I was going. My response was I doing good and going home. He asked me to step out of the care and questioned if I was drinking. I had to explain to him that I was hearing impaired therefore my speech was impaired. I am sure you can imagine how embarrassing this was for me.

In my late 30’s my wife encouraged me to learn about the new technologies developed for hearing aids. I found Jill Gordon, who fitted me with the small digital hearing aids that fit inside my ears. She was knowledgeable and understood my apprehension. When I left her office I was amazed by the sounds I was missing for so long. I could actually hear the birds chirping and the cars passing by. When I got into my car and started it up, the radio was so loud that I jumped. I was absolutely amazed at all the sounds around me. When I got home and turned on the television, I was actually frightened at how loud it was and the thought of how long I had suffered without my hearing.

Thank you, Jill and all of the staff at the Professional Hearing Center. I have been a patient with them for over 10 years and have received 3 upgrades so far, each one opening my world more and more. My last pair is so advanced that they actually talk to you when the battery is low. You can imagine my surprise that while I was driving, a voice from nowhere said “Battery” in my ear. I thought someone was in the car with me. I guess Jill forgot to tell me about that one.

Marc R.

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